DP002-Embrace the Gloom

DP002 – Embrace the Gloom

This is the second installment in our ongoing mixtape podcast. DoomPatrolling DP002 is a long overdue mix of gloomy, haunted rave, witch house, glitch, and chillwave. This one is entitled Embrace the Gloom and encompasses both the sad and the crazed. Alongside broken, blissed-out beats, you will find droney noise, glitchy distortion, and the odd vocal song reminiscent of 80s synthwave. But you may still file this hour-and-2-minute-long experience in a folder called haunted electronics for the damaged psychonautics.

Featuring the music of: Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ//, D V N G E O N S +-, KLMBRNG, Dressed Up, (((o))), VØID, LOSTSVUND, BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV, Captain Panic!, ŦHE LΞFT H∆NƉ ØF CRΞ∆TIØN, ▲д, Get Out, SΔIN’†, FOTOSINTΣZ, TRAPLORDI & GRAV3ROBBA.



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DP001 - This Miasma of Despair

DP001-This Miasma of Despair

Welcome to DoomPatrolling Podcast 01. This Miasma of Despair is 43 minutes and 9 seconds of dark, moody, mostly beat-less ambient music full of haunted electronics and guitar drones, glitches and synthesizer noise. Featuring the floating, ethereal ambient works of: On Travel, Sleeping Peonies, The Inner Devil, [Dark Ambient Forest], IOK1, Anji Cheung, [[[SE AM RIP PER]]], and Øystein Jørgensen ( Q ).

Abandon hope all ye who listen here.

Download98.7 MB (VBR MP3) | 25.3 MB (Ogg Vorbis)


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